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University Luxembourg – teambuilding

Pursuit Gaming

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Master of the University of Luxembourg is renowned around the world.
Every year, students of all ages and origins attend the courses for a whole year.

The objective of this team building events were :

  • to make sure all the students, who don’t know to each other, meet outside of campus, share and pool their previous experiences, their ages and cultures to reach their sole objective : win the Pursuit Gaming!
  • to discover Luxembourg city and its special features; an amazing city, scenery of their cursus all year long


The specifics of the project ;

  • 21 students, aged between 21 and 49, including 19 different nationalities
  • a two-day/one-night event; in Luxembourg city on day one, and at Echternach lake to spend the night and enjoy day two. Our collaborator Step Up took charge of the second-day activity.