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Croon Assurfinances – a networking game combined to a cocktail dinner.

Network Gaming

Croon Assurfinances is located in Eghezee, it’s a pleasant and efficient team that deals with both banking matters (Fintro) and insurance solutions.

When its director, Sylvain Croon, decided to expand the offices of the agency whilst renovating it, he reckoned it’d be logical to communicate those changes to the customers at the « official reopening ».

An official opening? It sounds like common sense, but how to make the event efficient?

How to meet those many objectives in one and only event?

  • enhance the quality of the welcome by surprising the guests;
  • have the guests visit the premises and rally them around a project;
  • ventilate the flow of guests in a structure that is not really made to host a cocktail dinner;
  • break the ice among guests who came with a plus-one or in small groups, and who don’t know each other;
  • emphasize the human values of the host company to promote customer relations and to help gain their loyalty;
  • convey concrete messages on banking and insurance issues;
  • give a moment of entertainment and insist on the positive image of the agency.

By calling on UrbanGaming’s services! You meet all the requirements in one and only communication operation !

We work hand-in-hand with our client to identify their needs. Then, we choose the number of messages and define how they will be conveyed as efficiently as possible. Finally, we provide a service that corresponds to the spirit and values of our client in order to maximize the integration of our animation in the entire event.

Surprising without shocking, it’s our trademark.