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Pepibru – Networking event

Network Gaming

When networking becomes a game.

Pepibru is a cluster of companies, located close to Midi Station and inside «The Egg» building, which groups cultural and innovative companies and start-ups. Every year in June, Pepibru organises an afterwork session so the different companies can meet and network.

Networking … we often talk and hear about it !

There are indeed many methods, tools or thinking around networking; but many would agree that it is tricky to offer really efficient networking solutions.

In concrete terms, UrbanGaming offered Pepibru a simple solution. The idea was to :

  • welcome the participants as of 5:30 pm;
  • form teams of six people from different companies (you’d reckon that if everyone knows each other, there is not much networking to do then);
  • give a touch tablet to each team;
  • have the teams look for a first framed picture across the three-storie building so they could unlock a set of questions/challenges;
  • have the participants play, discuss and collaborate so they would get to know each other better, in unusual circumstances.

This networking game lasted for about 45 minutes and ended up with a drink (of course!). During the drink, we announced the results and showed the pictures and videos taken by the participants during the activity.

According to the participants, this networking approach was much more efficient than any theorical or intellectual one. We are convinced that serious gaming is customisable to many contexts, and it has already proven its efficiency.