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Banque de Luxembourg – afterwork team event

Pursuit Gaming

New joiners integration & team building activity for Banque de Luxembourg

For an organisation as big as the Bank de Luxembourg, integrating new employees in its various departments represents a huge challenge. One of the key-role of the Human Resources department is to ensure the renewal of the teams in a long-term and consistent vision.

At the Bank de Luxembourg, it is well-known that integrating new co-workers doesn’t only consist of presenting them an exhaustive list of tasks and making them sit at their desk. Beyond the work itself, it is necessary to :

  • stimulate motivation;
  • encourage sharing between young co-workers from different departments and sites;
  • regularly remind the values of the company, in a natural and informal way;
  • continuously praise the employees.

UrbanGaming entirely responds to those needs and is aware that a long-term work relationship implies that the company teams are well-integrated on the sector of activity; especially in Luxembourg, where the transborder workforce is substantial.

We therefore offered the young contingent of the Bank of Luxembourg (up to three years’ experience) to rediscover the city in a modern and innovative way, taking up challenges on our touch tablets.  The two-hour activity started right after work with a short briefing at the head office at Boulevard Royal. It ended by a buffet and a drink at « Le Frenchie » bar where we all watched the best videos and pictures taken by the teams.

Congrats to the « super agents » team who brilliantly won the game although it was only by a few points!