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Leclerc – incentive in Luxemburg

Motion Gaming

Incentive for Leclerc – Motion Gaming Segway

Thanks to French event agency Pilote Communication, we were pleased to gamify the seminar of the Top Management of Leclerc, who were on a visit in Luxembourg.

The objectives of the events were:

  • to set up a top-notch incentive activity
  • to offer an atypical and innovative discovery tour of Luxembourg city
  • to allow the players, the colleagues who are actually split around France, to get to know each other better and thus share more in the future
  • to suggest a common theme, a bonus to the experience

Our solution:

  • use our touchpads as innovative tools for this incentive
  • unveiling downtown Luxembourg city and the Grund, up to Kirchberg on Segways; each team being accompanied by an animator => our motion gaming concept
  • offering the assistance of an event coordinator