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Deauville – Audi Car Rally

Motion Gaming

An interactive car rally to facilitate networking.

Deauville’s Summit Meetings were created 26 years ago. It’s a very special occasion to attend top-notch conferences, and aslo to develop your network and create new partnerships.

The three-day conferences and networking are also an opportunity to take part in different workshops such as a golf tournament, a cycle tour of Deauville and… a car rally sponsored by Audi.  The rally is a (friendly) competition between crews of 4 people.  Each team drives across Deauville’s countryside to take up challenges in various places, among which some marvellous estates open to the participants just for the day.

In 2014, it’s however inappropriate to offer a car rally with just a classic map as a guide.

UrbanGaming therefore provided 30 tablets and the MotionGaming software to come up with a fun and innovative driving experience. The different places where particpants had to take up their challenges had been set up in the software beforehand. In order to unlock and/or take on their challenges, participants had to stand less than 30 metres away from the indicated spot.

The challenges were all very different :

  • milking a cow (!)
  • identifying local cheese and beverages (yup, Calvados among others!)
  • a buggy control circuit
  • a dexterity course on a sulky, with long reins (so yes, with actual horses, for the nonspecialists)
  • a Segway circuit

All the other questions had also been input beforehand in the tablets, therefore enabling to gather the answers and deliver the results quickly despite the large number of teams.
All the participants of the 30 teams really put their hearts into the rally. In order to win, the participants had to achieve the best results possible on each challenge, but also to provide the best answers to the questions and realize their creative challenges with the greatest enthusiasm.