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Bemis – ice breaker

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Each year, Bemis organizes its yearly conference… (makes sense, doesn’t it?)

They usually work non stop during 2 1/2 days. Which is rough. Well this year, they still had to work, but they had fun as well!

In order to break the ice amongst the delegates coming from all over Europe, UrbanGaming has been requested to organize an interactive quiz! This one included :

  • the provision of 1 tablet per table ;
  • some customized questions concerning Bemis, their corporate culture, its staff;
  • musical blind tests, including live performances from our great band Nasty Panda;
  • incredible team performances on stage!
  • a spinning well allowing chance to decide of the next quiz theme
  • instant results on the large screen

The quiz sequences took place during dinner, in between the meals. Our team is also used to work before dinner – as an ice breaker – or after dinner – as a warm up for a party for example.

The atmosphere was awesome, so was the feedback from Bemis :-)